The Teddy Bears' Picnic

We produced a DVD of specially designed and modelled 3D teddies for Blackpool Illuminations. The teddies are projected onto a giant screen and sing and dance alongside the original fibreglass models.
To download the press release in Adobe Acrobat format click here

Real Time 3D

As well as photo realistic rendered models we can also work with realtime models for use on the web. These models are small in file size so they are quickly downloaded and allow the user to interactively move around the model and control any animations.

Click here for a demo of an interactive 3D model. Use the left mouse button to rotate the object, the right to zoom and both buttons to pan. This is a Java 3D player that doesn't require any large downloads before adding 3D content to a site.

British Nuclear Group

As part of the British Nuclear Group launch (a division of BNFL) we provided new logo animations and a rebranding video